Mossy Oak is committed to providing services that are efficient and economical. This is the reason we are constantly researching the best ways to apply our patterns to your products. Mossy Oak is pleased to announce that you may now order this film direct! Learn how simple this process will now be for you by registering today!


Pat Epling, the Director of Process Manufacturing, is responsible for developing and managing manufacturing processes world wide as they relate to Mossy Oak licensees, specifically the decorative process.

Pat brings 22 years of management, sales and marketing experience to Mossy Oak, 15 of which were in the outdoor industry. Pat is an innovator in the technology of water-soluble film that is currently used to decorate hard goods in Mossy Oak patterns. We are confident that he will dramatically increase the quality and service of this aspect of our business. His experience with that technical process is truly valuable as we look forward to the next 20 years.

Epling brings a great deal of experience to Mossy Oak from his four-year background at Immersion Graphics. He has worked with outdoor companies such as BSA Optics, Crosman Corp., Golden Eagle and Coleman Hunting and Shooting Sports Group where he served in managerial and sales and marketing roles. Epling has participated in numerous continuing education courses in both management and technology.

“If I could have designed the perfect job for myself, I couldn’t have done a better job designing this one,” said Epling. “Truly two things I enjoy, technology and the outdoors.”
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Mossy Oak is committed to growing and strengthening your business through improved processes via the decorative process . . . from film purchasing and application to new fabric technology.

We have a highly qualified staff that is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in hard and soft goods decorating and the products that require such decoration. They are dedicated to helping licensees communicate with the decorators to guarantee quality service.

Our staff works closely with R&D to ensure quality and consistency of Mossy Oak patterns for decorating products.
We assist in go-to-market with new fabrics; we take new fabric technologies to the licensees that would best benefit from them.
We’ve streamlined the film distribution process by making it available through Mossy Oak; we have agreements with decorators throughout the world.
We are developing a licensee microsite for ordering film for a quick, easy and quality experience, as well as providing contacts for fabric converters.

If you are interested in having your product decorated in Mossy Oak camouflage, click here.