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Duck BlindTM 


While retaining many of the tried-and-true effectiveness features of Original Break-Up, the new Break-Up pattern utilizes the latest photographic, computer, and printing techniques to introduce three remarkable new concealment advancements.
What started with a fist full of dirt in 1986 has become a cultural
phenomenon that has revolutionized the outdoor industry. In just 20 years, Mossy Oak has grown to encompass a wide array of camouflage patterns, licensed products, and related enterprises. The result has been a bond
forged with outdoor consumers that is derived not only from the
performance and effectiveness of Mossy Oak products, but from the shared philosophies, overall satisfaction, and value they see in the Mossy Oak brand.

Mossy Oak is first and foremost a camouflage brand and our core consumer is the group of hunters who share a common primary need for concealment as a prerequisite to a successful hunt and who view camouflage as a fashion statement that communicates to their peers that they are dedicated hunters who live an outdoor lifestyle.

Mossy Oak will continue to reinforce its position as the premier, authentic hunting brand and universal symbol of the outdoor lifestyle by continuing to emphasize Mossy Oak’s company-wide obsession for hunting and the outdoors, and fortify our core position as the hunting industry’s dominant brand of hard-core camouflage and the preferred choice of expert hunters everywhere.
Beyond camouflage, Mossy Oak evangelizes our core values through more focused limbs of our brand, each of which provides support and increased awareness for Mossy Oak and our partners – exposure for both brands. Mossy Oak is committed to providing value-added programs, support and services for our partners designed to enhance loyalty, competency and revenue growth opportunities.
Mossy Oak believes there is more to sustaining the hunting tradition than simply developing new patterns. Our company mission is to continue our outdoor heritage. As a result, the consumer perception of Mossy Oak is a uniquely American, high quality, authentic hunting brand that is offered by a company that is composed of a group of very likeable people who take hunting, land stewardship, and conservation more seriously than they take themselves! It is obvious why Mossy Oak is the most recognized camouflage brand in the world!